A wedding is the most important day in any person's life. Not only for that person, but it's also essential for his family. Whether it's the bride or the bride's sister, each one wants to look elegant and listen to the appraisal. Spreading the charm and including magic in your look is the best description for Pakistani wedding dresses. They can make the bridal look so captivating that you can't help but open your eyes wide. With time, trends are changing; in the past, brides wanted only red dresses with heavy work on them, but now they are shifting to more colourful schemes and unique designs.

Therefore, in this article, we are going to explore the best wedding dresses you can choose for a wedding in 2023. Let's explore the dresses with the perfect fusion of class and elegance.

What Makes Pakistani Wedding Dresses Special?

Pakistani weddings have followed the customs for years. With bright colors, unique embroidery, and attractive designs, these dresses are the legacy of the Mughals. Different dresses are designed according to the specific occasions. For example, when talking about colours, on Mehndi, brides would choose green and yellow colours or their combination. In comparison, Nikah and Waleema tend to choose light colors. On the other hand, on Rukhsati, they usually wear red or maroon Pakistani wedding dresses. With silky and quality fabric, the artfully crafted tilla, pearls, zari, nashi, and many others add sophistication to these dresses.

Not only this, but their different designs, including sharara, lehenga choli, dresses, and sarees, give freedom of choice. So, you can complete your perfect look on the big day with different options to select from. Now, let's go deeper to find the best wedding dresses to buy.

Best Wedding Dresses to Buy in 2023

Heavy dresses are specially designed for wedding functions, no matter if it's the marriage of your siblings, cousins, or your own. Heavy dupatta with shalwar kameez or lehenga, you can captivate with modern new Pakistani wedding dresses in 2023. There are different designs like now frocks come with front open, off shoulders, and full sleeves. Here are some dresses that we recommend you buy for a wedding in 2023:

1.     Lehenga Choli

The bridal lehenga is the most ancient Pakistani dress for wedding and has the longest roots in our traditions. It comes with a large flare and a long skirt. Whenever it comes to classic and traditional weddings, you will see different girls, including brides in lehenga choli. Moreover, red and dark maroon lehenga is very common for brides for their big day. The best feature of lehnga is that you can style it differently by using the different positions of the dupatta or different designs of choli.

You can wear a fitted blouse, a kurta, or a choli to make your look complete. Besides, they are available in different fabrics, designs, colours, and customizations. This is one of the best Pakistani wedding dresses because you can go for a fully embroidered one or one with babka or zardozi.

2.     Frock or Maxi

Other best Pakistani wedding dresses include frocks and maxi. Frock comes with a large flare, or usually it's long enough to cover your ankles or sometimes longer than that. Furthermore, a Maxi is also a long dress but with a long length that extends to the ankles or sometimes beyond the ankles, covering a larger area of floor. The maxi that extends to the floor is usually called long tail maxi; they also come with a heavy dupatta.

Frocks and Maxi are the best Pakistani wedding dresses if you can easily handle long dresses and have a good height. By choosing different colours and designs, you can make yourself mesmerizingly beautiful.

3.     Gowns

Bridal gowns are also long and large flair frocks but a little different. They come in different colours, designs, and styles. Short trains, long, and heavy flares are some of the styles you can choose from. It's mainly the best option for a bride to make her day special. Because of its uniqueness in design and easy-to-carry features, it helps you offer a fascinating look with minor handling. These gowns are our top choice from Pakistani Wedding Dresses because they also include bridal jackets perfect to make your special day extraordinary.

4.     Gharara

Gharara is a traditional dress that comes with a short kurti, usually with a length of about 4 inches above the knees. It features wide-leg trousers with unique designs, which take time when stitching. The wide leg gives a large flair. If you look at the gharara from afar, you may get confused if it's a lehenga or trousers with wide flares. You can wear them on Mehndi or dholki. But nowadays, they are also used for Nikah ceremonies. But everyone can enhance their look and captivate the audience by wearing them.

 Where can I Find the best Pakistani Wedding Dresses?

We know that finding the right bridal and wedding dresses in Pakistan is one of the most challenging things ever. The days are gone when girls had to roam the whole market for one single dress. Sometimes the price is too high, if not the quality wouldn't meet expectations. But with Rang Jah, you can order quality wedding dresses with unique designs and styles sitting in your home. We provide a range of wedding dresses according to the needs of this modern era to complete your perfect look.

We hope that this article has helped you in finding fitting Pakistani wedding dresses for your bid day. Just explore our wide range of bridal dresses and select your favourite. We are just a click away from you.