An engagement is a special day for every girl. Each one of them wants to look best at their engagement. However, sometimes it's not easy to choose Pakistani wedding dresses for your big day. The landscape of bridal dresses is diverse; you will find a variety of options in the market. Moreover, Pakistan is a country with different cultures so you may have a series of events at your wedding. From engagement to nikah and rukhsati, brides need different attire for each event. As a Pakistani, you will have to go through all the wedding rituals, no matter where you are.

In this guide, we are going to shed light on some trending and modern bridal dresses. We will delve deeper into the diversity of wedding dresses while defining their types.

Look Stunning with Latest Pakistani wedding dresses

The rituals of weddings are a source of sharing love and warm feelings among the bride and groom’s families. Engagement, Mehndi, Barat, Walima, and Nikkah are the basics of a Pakistani wedding. Without these events, you will find a Pakistani wedding incomplete. Furthermore, in a Pakistani wedding dress, culture is hidden. All the formal attire, whether Pakistani mehndi dresses or baraat suits, infuses a unique blend of culture and modernity. Nonetheless, the new generation is not concerned with cultural norms. Moreover, it focuses on the happiness of their families and spending good time with them. Let’s unveil some best engagement attires:

1. Lehenga Choli

Lehenga choli is one of the most versatile Pakistani wedding dresses because of its usability for different events. This attire has deep roots in Pakistani culture and has been a favourite choice for brides for years. Moreover, because of its regal look and timeless appeal, it offers a gorgeous look to the brides. Pakistani designers also blend this traditional dress with modern cuts, attractive colour choices, and new embroidery techniques. Also, you can wear a lehenga on your barat, mehndi, or mayo and let your inner Barbie twirl in flairs.

2. Elegance in Shararas

Shararas with heavy embroidery is a trendy style that never disappoints when it comes to modern Pakistani wedding dresses. Want a dress that aligns with the trends and grabs everyone’s attention, Sharara is the best choice for you. Furthermore, you can pair Sharara with a thigh-length shirt or a frock to make everyone blink your spark. Sharara usually has special cuts, large flair, and intricate embroidery. This attire is best to wear on your mehndi, nikkah, and Barat to embrace fluidity and grace.

3. Ghararas

Ghararas are the utmost appealing Pakistani wedding dresses. It features distinctive pants with large flair and has been a popular choice for brides. Additionally, designers add specific length and volume of the pants. They make ghararas comfortable for moving and dancing. You can wear gharara on your barat to attain a contemporary look. With embroidery and detailing, this Pakistani bridal dress is best to shine off your allure in a traditional way.

4. Anarkali and Angrakha

Anarkali and Angrakha frocks are the most traditional Pakistani dresses online in the UK and USA. The Mughal era inspired Anarkali and has been in history for more than a century. It’s a timeless elegance that makes a bride aesthetically appealing. On the other hand, Angrakha style dress never goes out of style. It’s the fusion of royalty and classic vibes. You can wear them on your mehendi, engagement, and mayon.

5. Long Frocks and Maxis

A bride’s walima look calls for something different. Long, floor-length frocks and maxis are Pakistani wedding dresses that can help them complete their perfect look. However, make sure to wear pastel colours on walima. Don’t get over with the makeup and choose to wear minimalistic makeup and jewellery for demanding appeal. On the other hand, a maxi or a long gown is a specific walima dress. It also features floor length and sometimes a long tail or large dupatta covering the floor behind the bride. You will get the most gorgeous look with these Pakistani designer dresses.

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Apart from the dresses discussed above, you can try out many other styles. Pakistani wedding dresses come in different varieties, each with a unique design and look. Now it's on you, what outfit you choose and how you thrive by wearing it. It's not the dress only, but You who can look elegant by carrying the outfit properly. Furthermore, make sure that your makeup, footwear, and jewellery align well with the bridal dress. Also, Rang Jah’s Pakistani party wear in the UK & USA is worth checking out. Besides, our unique style and designs of bridal dresses captivate the audience. They ensure that you look spectacular at your wedding.