Eid is the most significant festival for Muslims and is regarded as important in cultural and religious aspects. It's the time to wear the best attire to get an exceptional look and make this special day memorable. It's not just a festival of a single day; you may need different Eid dresses for different moments. For home, you may need a comfortable dress presentable to your guests and family gatherings. Moreover, you usually pick something trendy and classy for outings and visiting relatives to look striking.

Looking for some inspiration to wear on Eid? We have gathered some of the best picks to make this traditional event more special. Let's unveil some of the best Eid trends and dress designs to make you look traditional yet classy.

Trending Pakistani Eid Dresses for Modern Twist

Trends are continuously changing, and the same goes for Eid dresses for women. As the Eid festival approaches, Women prepare for their Eid dress and search for new fashion trends and styles. Besides, deciding your dress and matching accessories to pair with your Eid outfit is better. Dive into the following dresses to elevate your style:

Gharara and Sharara Set

Eid is all about looking traditional and classy. Shararas and ghararas are what provide you with an exceptional look. These Eid dresses are trending among thousands. If you want a royal look and try something different on Eid, pick Sharara or Gharara and Slay. We can wear these loose pants with a short kurti and frocks.

Moreover, ghararas look best in long dresses. Ghararas are slightly different from Shararas because of their heavy fabric, like brocade. Besides, a sharara flows freely from the waist and has no joints. At the same time, gharara is tight uptown knees and then opens.

Anarkali Suits

Anarkali suits are one of the most popular Eid dresses to choose from. They are usually longer, start from the waist and flare out downwards. You can look for an Anarkali suit with intricate embroidery and embellishments to enchant your festival. Moreover, you can find a range of colours and fabrics to customize your style according to your preferences. Besides, the best thing about this dress is its comfort and elegant style.


Palazzo features straight trousers, sometimes with a little flair. Pairing with a long shirt makes the look of this Eid dress more appealing. You can also choose different fabrics, such as raw silk and brocade. Additionally, the wide-legged trousers and fully embellished kurtas are perfect for outings and gatherings. Traditional and modern blend while giving classy vibes makes this dress prominent in our Eid dresses list.

Traditional Shalwar Kameez

Putting aside others, one must always consider a shalwar kameez's traditional charm and comfort. Widely known in Pakistan, this Eid dress makes its way to the UK with various designs and styles. You can choose different fabrics for different seasons, which means even seasons can't fade its elegance. In summer, you can choose cotton and linen Eid dresses with proper embroidery and embellishments. On the other hand, you can select khaddar or linen for winter.

Classic Maxi and Long Frocks

Maxi is not limited to walima and weddings; it also extends its routes to Eid festivals. It provides an exquisite look and style. If you are looking for traditional Eid dresses in the UK, put a maxi dress on your list because this dress will make you look modern yet elegant. Go for minimalistic embellishments because over-styling can ruin your perfect Eid look. Moreover, you can also go for long frocks with proper embroidery and artwork to make yourself stand out.

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