Embroidery has been in history for a long time. In the past it was done with needles and thread, or we can say by hand. Then, after ages, the techniques and methods of doing embroidery changed gradually. Therefore, embroidered dresses have a huge value in women’s wardrobe. Because of their elegant style and unique design, they can alter your look. An embroidered dress is suitable for any type of event. Moreover, it adds sophistication and elegance to your look. With bright colours and unique patterns, embroidery gives you joy and happiness. From ancient art to modern designs, embroidery incorporates every aspect with timeless appeal. Let’s learn about dresses with embroidery and how they enhance your design and style.

How Does an Embroidered Dress Enhance Your Design?

In Pakistan, you will find different types of embroidery designs with vibrant colours and patterns. These all infuse different cultures, such as Sindhi, Balochi, Pakhtoon, and many others. That’s why, Pakistan designers blend the cultural and modern embroidery techniques to present a different style. Continue reading to explore how an embroidered dress can make you stand out: 


Embroidery dresses offer uniqueness. How about having the same dress with different embroidery of vibrant colours? The embellishments on an embroidered wedding dress offer a stunning look. Moreover, you can wear a dress with embroidery for casual and normal outings. Embroidery adds value to your dress and you can incorporate it in any type of dress. Embroidered dress for a wedding or casual outing? Lehenga to Saree, you can embrace uniqueness with embroidery.

Traditional Richness

Pakistani embroidery is not just an embellishment; it’s a story that reflects the artwork of designers. From Sindhi Ajrak to catchy colours of Phulkari, you will find different embroidery styles in Pakistani dresses. Similarly, to offer a more contemporary look, designers usually mix up traditional embroidery with Western style. Moreover, the designs of dresses can incorporate tradition, natural motifs, patterns, and unique designs.


Dresses with embroidery are relatively more durable than simple dresses. Take a cotton floral embroidered dress in concern. It usually tears down from the places where there is no embroidery. That means the threads of embroidery can withstand wear and tear. Moreover, they can also bear pressure and damage. Furthermore, dresses with embroidery of different types offer vibrancy and durability for a long time. Embroidery helps the fabric to maintain its shine without fading its colours.

Timeless Elegance

Pakistani designers have the skills to blend tradition with modern aesthetics. Now, you can wear an embroidered maxi dress, both giving Eastern and Western vibes. This fusion increases the interest of many women in embroidered dresses. Additionally, dresses with embroidery are valuable for everyone. Besides, they not only feature culture but offer timeless elegance and sophistication.


Every woman loves to wear eye-catching clothes every day. The embroidered dress is appealing because of the artwork and intricate details. Thus, embroidery makes your clothes more attractive and impressive. They make you the centre of attention for everyone. Is it a Wedding party or a casual day out? Doesn’t matter. Mostly, designers combine embroidery with catchy colours and patterns. In short, embroidery can put you under the spotlight and the centre of attention.

Embroidered Dress for Events

Pakistani dresses are known in the world because of their outclass design and uniqueness. However, if you are going to buy an embroidered dress for a wedding. You will find different embroidery designs than casual ones. For weddings, you will find dresses with heavy embroidery, various colour combos, and intricate designs. Moreover, for brides, you may find dresses fully covered with embroidery and embellishments. Besides, some of them may have embroidery on arm borders, flair, and chests.

On the other hand, if you are going to buy an embroidered dress for a casual outing. You will find minimalistic embroidery. For casual, the dresses usually have minimal or mini floral patterns. Besides, they can also incorporate embroidery only on sleeves, colour, or shirt borders.

Embrace Versatility with RangJah

Embroidery can make your attire versatile. Embroidered dresses with unique styles can match different occasions. Moreover, if you choose to buy a Pakistani embroidered dress, you are going to adopt vibrancy. The dress will include artistic modern patterns with rich cultural handwork. RangJah provides different designs of embroidered clothes. You can match our versatile clothes with any type of jewellery and footwear to complete your look. We help you look sophisticated and outclass. So why wasting time?  Explore our collection and choose your favourite dress with embroidery.