Formal fashion refers to prestigious clothing among the types of clothing. A casual dress code is an invitation to dress in which you feel more comfortable. Whether you wear it, you will be okay with it, and women choose that it must be trendy look and in fashion. There is no need to wear heavy jewelry or heels or overdo something; you need to wear it to keep yourself relaxed and comfortable. Many fashion brands are providing a variety of trendy and latest fashion outfits to women. Almost all well-known clothing brands have online clothing stores. Our ladies do not compromise on their look; they love to wear trendy outfits. For some years, Pakistani dresses brands have provided casual and formal dresses to women with different color schemes and designs. The style of ladies' clothes changes with the occasion. At weddings or parties, Pakistani women wear heavy beads embroidery dresses like lehenga, shararas, and full-size maxis—the choice of dress changes on different occasions. 
When attending a child's wedding ceremony or a wedding party, you will be required to dress with full embroidery. The style of dress changes with age, such as women in their 30s loves to wear maxis, frocks, and lehenga. However, on formal occasions, women in their 40s prefer to wear sarhi. Let's keep proper fashion trends in mind because it is a formal dress style that you rarely have the chance to wear.

Formal dresses

Formal wear is a prestigious style of clothing. But, even if it is said to be formal wear, you may be wondering what kind of clothes you should wear. Formal attire is what you wear for special ceremonies, so it is essential to follow your etiquette. Formal dress etiquette will be a prestigious venue, so choose a dress according to dress rules.

To choose a formal dress

To choose a formal dress, here are a few tips for you
  1. Firstly, consider your personal preferences about dresses. Which color do you like most? And which dress style would suit you better.
  2. Choose a dress according to the occasion. For example, do you have to attend any business meeting or a formal gathering, or will you attend the wedding?
  3. Fix a budget too. It will help you to choose more appropriately.

Types of formal wear

Ø Traditional look with bright colors
At formal events, women prefer to wear traditional dresses like on the occasion of mehndi women like to wear bright color clothes.  
Ø Family gathering look
You can wear any semi-formal dress designed according to the latest women's dress style trends for any family gathering.
Ø Embroidered outfits for parties.
Women in Pakistan mostly like thread embroidery. Women want to wear thread embroidery to wear on semi-formal gatherings. 
Ø Modish outfits
You can wear modish dress styles like baggie shirts with tights or jeans to attend any formal university or office function. A striking, trendy look will complete if you wear heels. 
Patterns of Formal wear
Formal wear can be broadly divided into three patterns according to the style. 
  1. Formal attire is the most prestigious formal attire
  2. Semi-formal attire, which is the mainstream of recent years
  3. Short formal attire.

What is the difference between formal and casual wear?

Formal wear is a fashion worn for particular standards, such as ceremonial occasions. It doesn't matter what design and color you choose for the clothes we come to in our daily lives.
Features of formal dress (most traditional) The most prestigious formal dress is worn during special occasions such as ceremonies and ceremonial occasions. Therefore, the dress in which the female imperial family participates in imperial events is truly the most prestigious formal dress. 

Casual wear

When we talk about casual dresses, Pakistani fashion brands don't lack variety and styles of dresses. On the contrary, different clothing brands style unique style dresses from low price range to highly affordable for women every season. Choose a bright dress color for weddings and other celebrations and black for mourning.

Features of semi-formal dress

Semi-formal wear is one step lower than formal fashion. Formal dress (most formal wear) is rarely worn in daily life. However, a semi-formal dress is a formal fashion that we wear most often. Semi-formal dress includes weddings, entrance ceremonies, graduation ceremonies, ceremonial occasions, commemorative ceremonies, celebrations, etc., for friends and colleagues. For example, when attending a wedding ceremony as a friend's wedding ceremony or a company colleague, many semi-formal dresses are less formal than regular ones.

Features of an informal dress

Recently, the number of weddings of various styles has been increasing, and the number of garden weddings and overseas weddings is also growing. Informal dress is more casual than a semi-formal dress. Informal dresses are often designated for celebrations and parties where friends gather. Ceremony suits and formal suits are suitable for company ceremonies, celebrations, founding commemorations, commemorative retirement parties, and other commemorative parties. In the case of formal dress (most traditional) and semi-formal dress (semi-formal), the degree of formal wear is high, so the same color is plain. On the other hand, there is no problem with a formal dress, even if you use floral patterns, clothes with different upper and lower materials, and fashion.